First lucky charm to my collection

Finally I've passed my last exams!!! No exams never again!!! So to reward my achievement, I bought myself first lucky charm to my collection :) But frankly speaking, I really don't know why I've chosen exactly this one. Its shape isn't quite connected with the subject ;)

New addition to my room

For a while now, I've been crazy about mannequin. I thought that, it could not only be used as a hanger, but it also would be a great decoration to my room. So finally I decided to buy one, and so now I've got it.

Lucky charms

Lately I'm crazy about charms. I think they're great!!! You can choose, those you like the most and add them, to your bracelet. It could be either the charm, that represent important event in your life or just an excellent gift for yourself or for a friend.


And here are some charms, which I like the most. So my dear friends - I'm waiting ;)

Great Video Clip

Finally I have a time to write something new. So the first thing I'd like to post is this great video clip. Just watch it!!!


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