Favorite Designers: Vicente Wolf

He is definitely one of my favorite designers and I'm sure that I'm not alone in my admiration of his interiors. In the world of design, Vicente Wolf has been at the top for over 30 years. His portfolio offers a wide range of different projects from commercial spaces, to private residences. He has been named, one of the top designers by many magazines like: House Beautiful, Interior Design Magazine, Metropolitan Home and Architectural Digest.

His company headquarter is in the spacious light-filled loft in New York City, where he with his team create interiors that are characterized by classical lines, contemporary design and unique decorative objects. Rooms that are always sublime and never austere.

But besides being a fabulous interior designer Vicente Wolf has also other passions, like photography and globe travel. He is also the publisher of two books, Learning to See and Crossing Boundaries: A Global Vision of Design.


Vicente Wolf is well known for lack of color and pattern in his rooms - "Shapes and forms get lost in patterns. I believe a space should be perceived from an architectural point of view ", he says.

His style is unique. Like no one he can mix things. By combining the timeless appeal of antiques and the edgy beauty of contemporary design with touches of exoticism, he composes sensual interiors.

Pieces of furniture in his interiors appear to be having a conversation of their own, each speaking a different language of style. "They are placed to create different balances, without being symmetrical," he says. "In a way, they neutralize each other, and this produces calmness". To explain this, the designer draws a dinner party analogy: "How do you seat guests at a dining table? You do not put a talkative person beside a talkative person. Each one fills in the gaps. Not too much of the same thing next to each other." So with furniture, as in life, it is important to try to find a balance that pleases.


Vicente Wolf' global approach to design is connected with his many journeys to different countries and places. "We need to have dialogue with the rest of the world ", he says. It results with unique spaces, that incorporates art and furnishings from all over the world. " I wanted people to see where I found something and where it ended up in an interior ", he explains.

Monochromatic, integral, global, spacious, ethereal - these are the key words for me in Vicente Wolf' interiors. Plenty of white spaces with lots of natural elements, all things I love. And incorporation of art and furnishings from all over the world - simply amazing. Definitely these photos will make you rethink the blandness of neutrals.

And here are some things, inspired by Victor Wolf’ apartment, which I love the most:

p.s. to say truly I do love more things, but they were so unique that, I just couldn’t find the right picture of them

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  1. Thank you so much for the beautiful post on Vicente's work. Please be sure to visit his blog (www.vicentewolfblog.com) where he regularly updates readers on his work and gives interior design advice.

    Warm regards,

    Director of Public Relations
    Vicente Wolf Associates



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