DIY: Wallpapered wall

When I was younger, all walls of my room were covered in wallpaper. So when I finally got ride of it, I've decided to never have wallpaper on my walls again. Unexpectedly lately I'm again into wallpapers, especially when they cover only one wall of the room, making a great statement and being an amazing accent. That's why I've decided to wallpaper one of my walls. And so, here is my pick and the place, where I want to put it.

Little cozy apartment

I looove this apartment - it's so warm and cozy. It's not big, however you can find everything what is needed here. So there is a living room with nice coffee table and a great sofa with lovely pillows in shades of beige and coral. You can find there also a dinning space with beautiful chairs in Louis style together with modern Tulip table. And behind there's a nice, white kitchen annex. There is also quite impressive bookcase, for literature collection and little bathroom behind the glass doors. But the space I love the most, is bedroom. I adore the wallpaper and shelves behind the bed. And I would die to have bedspread and pillows, like these.

Mi Casa Revista

Photography by Marcus Lawett

Amazing photos, taken by Swede Marcus Lawett, who specialize in interior and still life photography. He's very talented and has worked for clients such as: Elle Interior and IKEA. And here are some of his works, which I like the most.

Rustic - modern loft

I want to move to this loft immediately - it's stunning!!! I love so many things about it. The totally open floor plan, that makes the space look bigger. The beautiful color palette, mostly in white and grays with some color details. And last but not least, the mix of rustic and modern furniture and accessories, that gives the loft interesting and individual vibe.

Mi Casa Revista

Paying a visit to: Suzanne Kasler's office

I'm in love with interior designer Suzanne Kasler's atelier. It's such an airy and light space. This work office is very soft and comfortable, but yet everything here is very well thought of and organized. For example, even though everyone works in a one room, Kasler designed the space so that each person has a sense of privacy. “We’re all able to work in tandem, but without being distracted”, she says.

Atlanta Homes

Ellen Silverman's photography

I adore photography by Ellen Silverman. Her eye to beautiful things and previous career as a restaurant and food store manager, made her focus on still life, interior and food photography. The delight of capturing a perfectly prepared meal or an inviting home inspire Ellen’s work, and results in great ideas and thoughtful composition, that are just stunning.

May's Moodboard

This month's moodboard is all about greenery. While it has been raining quite a lot, everything is so fresh and juicy, in the most beautiful shades of green. I looove May - everything is in the full bloom, the days are getting warmer and warmer, giving hope for the best… ohhh, and I would have forgotten, it is also the month on which are my mother's birthday, and actually they are today. So Happy Birthday Mom!!!

A peaceful escape

I looove this apartment - simple and clean space. I like the way, in which painting above the sofa, gives a nice hint of color. And I looove the sitting corner, where you can relax cosily, near the fireplace and read your favorite magazine or beloved book. Not to mention about the wallpaper in the kitchen - just amazing!!!

Alvhem Makleri


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