Amy Atlas Events

WOW!!! I'm really amazed by these gorgeous dessert buffets created by Amy Atlas, owner and founder of Amy Atlas Events in New York City, She specializes in creating high-end dessert tables at weddings, bar mitzvahs, showers and every other party occasion. Atlas says: “I’ve been to lots of events that had incredible design, but it wasn’t incorporated into dessert. I want to bring dessert into the rest of event design.” - and so she does. She pays such an attention to every little detail. Each buffet represents not only the theme of the party, but also the favorite treats of the hosts. And all this made with incredible sophisticated style and taste. “I’m not looking for volume, I’m looking for quality”, she says.

I just really looooove these magnificent dessert buffets, filled with sweet colors, tasty sparkles, and fabulous textures. She is definitely queen of desserts with her breathtaking dessert tables for any occasion.

p.s. don't miss Amy's blog

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