The Manor House Duchess

This weekend I was at the lovely manor house. It has existed since 1808 and was made into the guest-house and restaurant. The excellent cuisine, unusual wines and the homely atmosphere make this place really special. But the thing that i love foremost are its rooms. They're named after different types of wine, therefore each has a different design. For example Cabernet Sauvignon has dark, solid furniture with red accessories, while Sauvignon Blanc is decorated with lighter colors and bleached furniture and floor. I simply looove the idea.

So, while still being under the charm of my weekend manor house, I found this great Vogue Italia photoshoot, where fabulous supermodel Linda Evangelista has turned into the duchess. Styled by Andrew Richardson and photographed by Steven Meisel - it looks like cut right out of the nineties.

Hong Kong apartments

Located at the heart of Hong Kong's district of Central, the fabulous apartments express the sophistication that distinguishes this international city. Designed specifically with business travelers and executives in mind, these apartments successfully combine the luxury of a five-star hotel with the warm ambience of home. I especially love the bathroom, surrounded with glass panels -simply stunning.

Favorite Combos - Pink & Gray

Another favorite color combo - the perfect balance of sophistication and femininity. Calming influence of gray alive with touches of soft, pale pink. I simply looove this combination and I definitely want to have it in my bedroom in my future apartment.

Swedish Apartment

Another lovely Swedish apartment. I looove the big window in the attic, where you can lay down with a good book and a nice cup of tea and read a book or simply watch amazing views. I also like the layout of the apartment, especially the fact that it has two floors. And the light, neutrals with soft color touches in accessories - adore it.

Welcome to the Zebra World

I so much looove zebra rugs. The fabulous contrast of black and white and that gorgeous shape. I think it's a fantastic addition to every room, no matter in what style it is. Whether it's classic, traditional interior or rather simple, modern and minimalistic. Sophisticated living room or cozy bedroom - the zebra rug always works!

Lovely Cakes

I'm simply in love with those cakes, made by Cakegirls - sisters Mary and Brenda Maher. They're totally amazing - in every shape and color. Classic elegance, petit cadeau, baby on board, shoe lover, handbag obsession, or other crazy shapes - you will find here a cake for everyone and for every occasion. They're sooo fabulous that it's even shame to eat it.

The end or the beginning?

I'm back again. It was quite a harsh time, while I was preparing to my MA exam. But finally I passed it. So it's official - it's the end of my studies. Truly I don't know whether to be happy about it or not. One thing is sure - it's finished chapter of my life, and hopefully the beginning of the others...


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