Favorite Designers: David Jimenez

During his career, David Jimenez has worked for such brands as Gap, Pottery Barn or Restoration Hardware. His homes in San Francisco, Palm Springs and Kansas City reflect his passion for design and his eye for detail. His work has been featured in a variety of magazines, including House Beautiful, Kansas City Spaces, the San Francisco Chronicle.


David Jimenez loves mid-century design. Its a simple clean and layered look that is both relaxing and invigorating.

"I wanted rooms to be layered, comfortable and to have bold color accents. I love the way that layers help make a room look casual and collected over time. It's also a terrific way of creating warmth and making a space feel more personal", he says.

He thinks that every well designed home needs an eclectic mix of furniture. That's why he pairs the vintage finds with new purchases, "smart looking rooms don't need to be expensive, flea markets and thrift stores offer a great way to pick up unique finds", he says.

His signature mark are piles of design books on coffee tables or consoles, different sizes of framed photography or artwork leaning over mirrors or on a mantle and vintage table lamps outfitted with nothing stronger than a 25 watt bulb.


"I'm inspired by so many things. Something in a magazine spread or on a friend's wall can move me, and I'll remember the specific detail. The way a piece of coral looks on a stack of books, the way a throw is folded at the foot of a bed. I go back to my house and try to find a way to use that thing that spoke to me, so my palette keeps evolving. It's the little things I celebrate with myself. "

His rooms are so warm and inviting. They are perfectly layered and look so collected. I adore the way in which he styles everything. He has such a great eye for detail.

And here are some things, inspired by David Jimenez' homes, which I love the most:

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