Deborah Needleman - The Domino's woman

To launch a magazine and make it one of the most amazing inspirations, is a huge achievement, that takes a special combination of talent and passion. Deborah Needleman, after being a picture editor, then writing about gardens and design for The New York Times, and being an editor at large for USA House & Garden, decided to launch The Domino magazine, which mission was to make stylish decorating accessible to all. She also co-authored Domino: The Book of Decorating, which not only contains the best of Domino's interiors images but is also a fantastic resource that you can return to again and again.

I truly admire her sophisticated aesthetic and her fabulous Tribeca loft in New York City. The way she designed it, by making a big living room looks like there were different areas. I like the combination of classic furniture with modern pieces, like the lucite coffee table. The color palette is refreshing and natural and gives a calm and simple look that makes it a peaceful place to live.

In the master bedroom, I love the chair in the corner and the headboard that Needleman designed herself. Because of it, room looks simple yet chic.

I truly regret that Domino is no longer being published.


She also created a great quiz StyleScope, that helps to discover your own personal style and will give you some advice on how to make your style work in your home. Mine result is Elegant Classic, and yours?

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