Ralph Lauren’s Ultrachic Manhatta Home

I looove Ralph Lauren – not only as fashion designer, but also I adore his interior design taste. And so no wonder that I’m really amazed by his own private apartment – an elegant, white space characterized by smooth, clean lines and little hints of unadulterated luxury. I like the library’s wall of lacquer shelving, that fabulously reflects the light and displays an impressive collection of books. I also love the console in the entrance hall, with gorgeous big, round mirror, a photo of the Chrysler Building and panther sculpture. And the vintage light fixtures, hanging above the dinning table – simply wonderful! Overall I’m really amazed by the whiteness and brightness of the space, and even though some might think that it’s really unpractical, the most important is that it’s stunning.

Elle Decor

Fabulous little apartment

I looove this apartment!!! It has only 42 sq meters, but yeti t has everything – kitchen, living room, bedroom, bathroom and a hall. The layout is simply fabulous, and so the decor. I adore the brick, kitchen island in the middle – it looks really amazing. And I love the cabinet, grey sofa and the lamp in the corner of the living room. Ohhh...there are just so many things I love about this apartment – not only individual pieces, but the whole concept, the combination of so many wonderful textures - simply mind-blowing!!!!


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