Philip Treacy Hats Spring Summer 2011 collection

Lately all world was dazzled by the Royal Wedding between William and Kate. Of course simple classic wedding dress, worn by the beautiful bride was lovely, but the most glorious and spectacular piece of clothing at the wedding, were fabulous hats designed by Philip Treacy, favorite English Royal’s designer. His spring/summer 2011 collection varies from traditional wide-brimmed hats, veils detailed with feathers or flowers, to the pillow boxes embellished with big flowers or ribbons both in neutral shades and bright spring colors – simply stunning!!!

F&F autumn/winter 2011 fashion show

Recently I had a pleasure to participate in F&F autumn/winter 2011 fashion show. The main motive was Paris, and this is exactly how the catwalk looked like. Unique, magical, charming…fabulous atmosphere of the Parisian streets created by beautiful stage design, enchanting music and of course amazing clothes. I loooved the underwear, so feminine and sensual. I also very much liked braid sweaters and those with the lace trim, pleated skirts and large brimmed hat (definitely my must have).

Dior Chérie with Natalie Portman

Fabulous new commercial of Dior Chérie, directed by Sofia Coppola. This time it features Natalie Portman amongst others getting dressed in a gorgeous black Dior dress, laying in bed with her lover and taking a bath with her sunglasses on. And all this with a wonderful song in the background - Je t'aime moi non plus, by Jane Birkin and Serge Gainsourg.

Hip & funky apartment

I loooove pops of color in this amazing apartment. They create kind of hip and funky look. You just can’t feel gloomy, when you enter space like this.


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