Swedish apartment

I love Swedish apartments. The brightness of the space - reached by using light, neutrals and reflective surfaces. And the simplicity - with a few, carefully chosen furniture and accessories. For some it might look like a little bit too austere, but for me it's just perfect.

White backdrop

The white floors in this chic house, look really amazing. They, together with the white walls, create a perfect backdrop, where every object gets a chance to shine. I also like the beautiful collection of photos, that demonstrates the power of black against white. And I love the way in which they have been lent against the walls instead of being hanged.

Apple iSlate

WOW!!! This gadget is simply amazing! For those who don't know, the iSlate, also referred to as the Apple Tablet or iPad, is a rumored upcoming tablet computing device product from Apple Inc.

Apple's iSlate will supposedly be a bridge between the iPhone and a laptop. The device will have a big, touch-sensitive surface for Web browsing and other functions, like reading content downloaded from the iTunes store, meaning books and newspapers.

Well, I just can't wait...

YES - Fairytale Calender

This year the jewelry company YES and duet of talented photographers Zuza Krajewska & Bartek Wieczorek , have created a fabulous calendar. On its pictures we can see a beautiful woman in many different, fairy personification - as a Ugly Ducking, Snow Queen, my favorite Little Red Riding Hood, Gold Fish, Thumbelina, Cinderella and Sleeping Beauty. Each of images is so inspiring and gorgeous, but what else you can expect when figures from fairytales are adorned in a fairylike jewelry …

P.S. You can also watch a video, that shows all the preparation during the photoshoot.

Object of desire: Lacy stairs

There's something melancholic and at the same time seductive about them. At one side, as they are made of iron they seem to be heavy and solid, but the openwork construction gives them some kind of lightness and delicacy. I simply looove them, and if only I had a big, two - storied apartment, I would definitely install them.

Nine's women

Yesterday I went to see screening of Rob Marshall's latest movie "Nine", and so I'd like to share my thoughts about it. And I must admit that I'm disappointment a little bit, mainly because of poor musical numbers that never fully integrate into the dramatic story. Moreover the characters, are written so flat and unengaging that there's a limit to what some of the actresses really can do.

Daniel Day-Lewis playing Guido Contini is great. He embodies Contini from head-to-toe, always with a cigarette in his hand, looking like he just crawled out of bed, surrounded by people that are trying to put him together- combed his hair, made his tie, shaved him. Unfortunately he doesn't have a whole lot to sing in the film, while he only sings twice.

Marion Cotilard as Guido's wife - Luisa, deserves another Oscar Nomination for this role. Marion's performance is brilliant - you can see all of the pain she's ever felt. She looks and sings simply fabulous. Her two songs are so contrasting. The first, slow and sentimental, perfectly expresses what is it like to be famous director's wife, while the second, looking like somewhat of a striptease, shows her in a totally different light, as a strong woman.

Judi Dench's scenes were just a pleasure to watch. Her performance as a Lili the Costume Designer, for me was simply the best. However I didn't much enjoy her number, and would prefer to see her in something different.

Penelope Cruz, who played Guido's mistress Carla, delivered great number, full of sexuality - twisting her body and playing with ropes.

But the best musical number of the film for me, was Fergie performing 'Be Italian.' Saraghina, the whore that taught Guido the art of love-making, looked exactly like she should- smeared eyes, scraggly hair, boobs pushed up. Fergie does a great job, even though she doesn't speak a lot.

Kate Hudson, as Stephanie - a Vogue reporter who tries to seduce Contini, seemed completely unnecessary. If you would have cut the entire character from the film, it would not have affected anything. I had the same problem with Sophia Loren, Guido's mother.

Nicole Kidman looks incredible, however her performance didn't amaze me. Her part is very short and not too ambitious, I wish I have seen her more.

Overall I just can't decide whether film's problem was too many women or too many musical numbers breaking out for no reason.

However inspired by some of the characters, I decided to try to recreate the look of interiors, in which they could live.

Winter on a picture

Ok, I'm really starting to be sick of winter. It's getting colder every day, it's snowing all the time and I haven't seen sun for a quite long time now. And it's not that I don't like winter, cuz I do - but sometimes much is just too much. For me a month of a snowy but sunny winter would be just enough. In any other case, looking at beautiful winter images, works just as fine for me.

P.S. Ohhh..I sooo much love her furry hats!!!

Carmen Kass by Solve Sundsbo

White with a pop

What is about white? Some people are drawn to its purity and innocence, while others see it as ultimately chic. It's certainly one of the most popular colors and has so many different shades. For me the best thing about white, is that it works in any environment, any style and with every other color, by allowing them to pop and at the same time giving clean, fresh look.

Favorite Combos - Black & Silver & Red

Lately this is my favorite color combo - sophisticated black with sparkling silver and a dash of hot red - looove it!!! However this lust for red is not typical for me, while I'm (or should say was) definitely "blue" person. As far as I can remember I've always loved everything what was blue or in any other shade of blue. Moreover I didn't like red - I even have hidden or covered all books with red covers. Well, I blame winter for this. While blue is cold color, red has some hotness within - feeling of warm and coziness. But to temper it a little bit, silver accessories are desired, to lighten up and give a glamorous sparkle.

Hazy winter

Brrrr, it's sooo cold today. And the worst part is that it's going to be even colder. I wish winter was gone already, cuz I'm so looking forward to spring and warmer weather…

Photos styled by Paul Joseph Hopper


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