Nine's women

Yesterday I went to see screening of Rob Marshall's latest movie "Nine", and so I'd like to share my thoughts about it. And I must admit that I'm disappointment a little bit, mainly because of poor musical numbers that never fully integrate into the dramatic story. Moreover the characters, are written so flat and unengaging that there's a limit to what some of the actresses really can do.

Daniel Day-Lewis playing Guido Contini is great. He embodies Contini from head-to-toe, always with a cigarette in his hand, looking like he just crawled out of bed, surrounded by people that are trying to put him together- combed his hair, made his tie, shaved him. Unfortunately he doesn't have a whole lot to sing in the film, while he only sings twice.

Marion Cotilard as Guido's wife - Luisa, deserves another Oscar Nomination for this role. Marion's performance is brilliant - you can see all of the pain she's ever felt. She looks and sings simply fabulous. Her two songs are so contrasting. The first, slow and sentimental, perfectly expresses what is it like to be famous director's wife, while the second, looking like somewhat of a striptease, shows her in a totally different light, as a strong woman.

Judi Dench's scenes were just a pleasure to watch. Her performance as a Lili the Costume Designer, for me was simply the best. However I didn't much enjoy her number, and would prefer to see her in something different.

Penelope Cruz, who played Guido's mistress Carla, delivered great number, full of sexuality - twisting her body and playing with ropes.

But the best musical number of the film for me, was Fergie performing 'Be Italian.' Saraghina, the whore that taught Guido the art of love-making, looked exactly like she should- smeared eyes, scraggly hair, boobs pushed up. Fergie does a great job, even though she doesn't speak a lot.

Kate Hudson, as Stephanie - a Vogue reporter who tries to seduce Contini, seemed completely unnecessary. If you would have cut the entire character from the film, it would not have affected anything. I had the same problem with Sophia Loren, Guido's mother.

Nicole Kidman looks incredible, however her performance didn't amaze me. Her part is very short and not too ambitious, I wish I have seen her more.

Overall I just can't decide whether film's problem was too many women or too many musical numbers breaking out for no reason.

However inspired by some of the characters, I decided to try to recreate the look of interiors, in which they could live.

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