Classic glamour meets cutting edge

Lately I was talking with my friend about our "fashion style". At first she told me that she really don't know her own style, but after a while she figured it out and even made a post about it. So partly inspired by our conversation and partly by her post, I've started thinking, which actress style is nearest to mine. It wasn't quite easy, because I've never been the type of person, whose have some kind of idol, in a matter of fashion or anything else. But if I really have to choose, I think that person, whose style I admire the most is Cate Blanchett.

She effortlessly transforms from silver screen beauty to futuristic femme. Cate possesses a sense of classic glamour. Her look is tailored but chic, classic and in the same time modern.

She usually keeps her hair, jewelry and make-up minimal. It helps her style appear effortless and provide the perfect canvas to show off outfit, without looking overdone.

And here is the look which I loooove the most!!!

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