Today I was on Hubertus. It's one of my favorite events. The name came from Saint Hubert, who was the patron of hunters, foresters and riders. On that day there is a chase organized, during which riders are hunting "the fox" (which in real is another rider with a fox tale tacked to his arm). Than the winner (rider who caught the tale) is thrown to the pond. I know, maybe it isn't type of award that everybody dream of, but it's a kind of ritual. At the end there is a bonfire party.

So the Hubertus was really, really nice. The chase was very exciting, and there was even one victim. While one of the riders, during the chase, fell of the horse. But fortunately nothing serious has happened. But what's more exciting for me, is that the winner was a horse, which was a child of my mare (which btw also once won that chase) - like mother, like son.

Photos by Mario Sierra

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