PIP Studio - Happy products for Happy People

To some she is Anke, others call her Catharina but everyone knows her as PiP - a nickname she was given from an early age. PiP is the product designer and creator of PiP Studio, based in the Netherlands.

PiP's inspiration comes from designing products that she could never find but always wanted. Her vision on her designs is actually quite simple, practical and sincere: “If I make a product, it has to be so good that I would like to keep it myself or if I give it to a friend or member of the family it must bring a little bit of joy and happiness. Without this emotion, it cannot be a true PIP product”. That's why all PIP’s products must meet her motto: ‘Happy products for Happy People’.

Her style has a warm and charming character. She often uses a mix and match concept with layered patterns and has a sharp eye for tiny details and special finishing touches combined with a subtle color pallet.

She is also a true busy bee who never stops. Since she set up her studio, she has created many things like: a bed & bath collection of duvet covers, quilts, cushions, and bath and beach towels; a series of mugs; a collection of wallpaper; a lovely breakfast service named ‘Lovebirds’; a collection of tableware, table-cloths, runners and napkins and many , many other stunning products.

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