Bedroom personality

They say that you should never judge book by its cover. But what about the bedroom? Does the look of the bedroom reflects the personality of its owner? Here are some bedrooms - each in a different style, revealing different personality: Elegant Classic, Boho Oriental, Sensual Romantic, Famme Fatale, Sparkling Glamour, Hip & Funky, Royal Opulence and Simply Natural. So, what type of bedroom personality are you?

Elegant Classic:

A woman with impeccable taste, pretty prim and proper. Always good looking, impossibly perfect. Elegant lady with sterling manners. Very sophisticated, sometimes might seems a little bit high and mighty. She's uber classy and prefers clean, straight lines and rather neutral colors.

Boho Oriental:

A spiritual traveler. Loves everything that's ethnic and oriental with taste tending to gravitate towards exotic-looking pieces like tribal or floral prints and gypsy layering. She's type of creative individualist, who's not afraid of colors, often in deeper, richer hues.

Sensual Romantic:

Eternal dreamer, who's deeply sensitive. She's very mysterious and full of secrets. Sometimes might seem a little bit shy and introvert, like she's been living in her own world. Prefers soft, pastel colors and sensual, delicate fabrics.

Famme Fatale:

Is like a bright red bowl of spicy cherries. She's certainly not shy, and loves to spice things up. Devilishly sultry, always fueled by passion. Type of frisky extravagant, who prefers hot red hues.

Sparkling Glamour:

Glittering and glowing Icy princess. Loves bedazzled things, and all that shines. Sparkling from head to toe, might seems a little bit haughty and sometimes appear quite icy.

Hip & Funky:

She's totally fun and tooty fruity. Cheerful, never gloomy. Always in high spirits, ready to have fun. Genuinely gleeful and ridiculously sweet. Frisky and optimistic. Her world is an explosion of color.

Royal Opulence:

Favorably ostentatious, she's a woman with fierce confidence. Has an expensive taste and it utterly over the top. Loves to lavishes herself in luxury, that's why she looks like a Million dollar. Direct, strong and authority-like persona, who always make a strong statement.

Simply Natural:

Nature lover. A person with a calming influence, always very carrying and warm. She respects and cares for the environment and likes to feel comfortable. That's why she surround herself with everything that's natural and simple. Prefers light, earthy colors with very few details.

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