Dreamy Bubble Chair

Wouldn't be nice to spend a free time in a giant soap bubble floating in the air. That's why I so much looove Bubble Chair, made by the Finnish designer Eero Aarnio . The Bubble Chair is acknowledged to make an atmosphere of artificial calm, quiet, and isolation on people sitting inside it. "After I had made the Ball Chair I wanted to have the light inside it and so I had the idea of a transparent ball where light comes from all directions. The only suitable material is acrylic which is heated and blown into shape like a soap bubble. Since I knew that the dome-shaped skylights are made in this way I contacted the manufacturer and asked if it would be technically possible to blow a bubble that is bigger than a hemisphere. The answer was yes. I had a steel ring made, the bubble was blown and cushions were added and the chair was ready. And again the name was obvious: BUBBLE.", says Aarnio about his design. For me the Bubble Chair is simply a masterpiece - I want it sooo, sooo badly!!!

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