Glass House

Have you ever dreamt about having home that is full of light ? Photographer Nick Olson and designer Lilah Horowitz manage to do build fabulous house made of windows for less then 500 dollars.

One day couple went for a walk through the family estate. The amazing view bathed in the setting sun, inspired them to create a place where the intensity of a light would change depending on the time of the day. And so they decided to make their dream come true. They quit their jobs and started to build their dream house made of windows. Once they collected all the needed materials (most of them they found, got from abandoned buildings, some they bought), they begun the construction process. They built the entire structure by themselves, with their own hands and hard work.  But the final effect was worth it. The glass house looks like from some kind of fairy tale.  And they say, that they like it the most at night, when you feel like you were sleeping almost under the stars and fireflies fly behind the windows.

More details about the project in the documentary below:

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  1. The Glass house is so beautiful with low price. I love the place and the new ideas. Interior design ideas



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