Amazing white, open space

I looove this apartment. Even though it's just 54m2, it looks quite big. This white, open space functions as a living room, kitchen, bedroom and bathroom at the same time.

And I adore the white, resin floor, that amazingly reflects the light coming through windows, making space looks bigger and brighter. This domination of whiteness is disturbed by colorful accents, popping out here and there, just as I like.

I'm also crazy about the gorgeous armchairs on wheels from 70's/80's and the stunning freestanding bath on a silvery-gold legs - I've always wanted one like this… Maybe I'm not so sure about the idea of putting it in the middle of the room, but it depends on who like what.

Restroom is the only space with the door (luckily), and it also looks amazingly. The white, shiny, lacquered door with gorgeous crystal knobs, give an impression like you would be opening some kind of mysterious closet. And then, when you open the door, a stunning chandelier pops out, together with illuminating, gold wall behind the toilet.

I'm really in love with this white, open space. And even though, sometimes it's too "open" for me, all in all I would die to have an apartment like that.

Elle Decoration

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