Movie Look: Love and Other Disasters

Recently, I've watched Love and Other Disasters once again. However not because of its plot, but rather because of an amazing apartment, that belongs to main characters - an editor's assistant at Vogue UK, Jacks (Brittany Murphy) and her gay roommate Peter (Matthew Rhys).

The color palette in their loft is very neutral and rather masculine - dark grey charcoal walls with chrome and white furniture, like fabulous light beige sofas. I love the way in which it remains industrial, but at the same time, have a glamorous twist. Mainly because of amazing accessories, such as a white lamp with beautiful base and a lampshade made of layers of soft white lamina. I also love the open kitchen area, with a long island, and great brick wall in the background.

Unlike the rest of the loft, Jacks' bedroom is all-white. Open closet , allows her clothes to become an interesting accessories. Stunning pink diamond lamp together with her photographs collection, gives a more girlish look. While my beloved white brick wall, reminds that this is still industrial space.

2 komentarze:

  1. oglądałam ten film 2 razy, a wszystkiemu winien jest oto to ten design mieszkania, w którym żyją Jack i Peter. {chociaż napewno nie tylko to mnie zaciekawiło} Ten film - podobnie mojemu marzeniu. Życie bohaterów, pokoje to to, co sama bym chciała mieć. {:

  2. Oh my, I thought I am the only one who re-watches movies because of the interiors! That one is by far one of my favs, everything, from white bricks to her open closet space and that dark blue wall color is per-fect!



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