Pure DKNY - a drop of vanilla in water

I was very curious about new fragrance of Donna Karan - Pure DKNY, and all I can say is sheer simplicity. The scent expresses purity and lightness and is based around the idea if a ‘drop of vanilla in water’. And you can smell the presence of this sugary note, but in a lightened, delicate way, with the addition of fabulous flowers like: lotus, rose, jasmine, freesia, orchid, with the base of amber and sandalwood. I looove it, and so it's definitely my choice for summer, whenever it will come…

I'm also in love with the bottle, inspired by a raindrop (simple, curved with no hard edges) and an amazing advertising campaign. The website of the Pure DKNY is just stunning. All the whiteness, freshness, idea of living more simple and taking time out for the things that are closest to your heart - just brilliant.

And here are some videos - a drop of vanilla in water, the beautiful commercial with Angela Lindvall and an interview with Donna Karan herself. I hope they'll inspire you, as much as they inspired me...

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